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Friends Doing Cool Stuff #1

We emerge from blog hibernation for the first of what I hope will be a recurring series: Friends Doing Cool Stuff. Two items on the docket today:

Katie Hallahan is part of a team putting together a new video game, following up on their update to the venerable King’s Quest series. The Kickstarter page that they set up met its goal with plenty of time to spare, but they’re still accepting donations (pre-orders, really – $20 gets you a copy of the game) to help get the game off the ground. Check it out, and consider kicking in a few bucks if it’s your thing.

– I would advise you to read John Perich’s Periscope Depth under any circumstances, since it’s a fantastic blog. But this week specifically, he’s talking up his new novel, Too Close to Miss, with a series of posts about the book. Yesterday’s post described the inspiration for the novel, and he’ll be adding more. It’ll be good stuff; that much I’m certain of.


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